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  1. I love living through your pictures!! So great you were the only ones on your first tour – that’s a great bonus! All your other tips are fantastic!

  2. Next time we visit Paris I’ll make sure to go into at least one museum, maybe d’orsay.
    Looks like you guys got to see a lot! and I second making tours the first thing you do when visiting a city.

  3. Uhhh I miss Paris so much! I love all the times of the Eiffel Tower, it’s just so beautiful in every way. And the one place we missed on my last trip to Paris was the Sacre Couer! Next time I will definitely have to visit that!

  4. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you guys managed to get a lot in. Sounds like a dream! 🙂

  5. Wow! Your photos are stunning. I do like doing the walking tour first too, if just to get my bearings of a big city. I want to see the food!

  6. Hello! Visiting from Travel Tuesday :). I love your photography! A walking tour in a new city is always a good idea so you can get more ideas for the rest of your stay. I also love the photoshoot you did! And btw, your blog is so pretty. 🙂

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