Eiffel Tower View Room at Hyatt Paris Etoile

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a hotel room with a view that really got me excited. However, that all changed this summer. We were in Paris for Bastille Day in 2021, and we had an epic experience watching the fireworks from the banks of the Seine after a leisurely day. This year, my weeklong pastry class would conclude on Bastille Day. Since my class was taught in French and Bastille Day fell on Friday, I knew I would be too tired to do much that evening. I happened to check the rates at the Hyatt Regency Etoile, and I mentioned it as an option to Tom. While I was at class, he went over to the hotel, explained that I love fireworks and the Eiffel Tower, and managed to secure an Eiffel Tower view room for Bastille Day. And, the experience was EPIC.

Note: All Eiffel Tower photographs in this post were taken from the Hyatt Paris unless otherwise noted in the caption.

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Booking an Eiffel Tower Room at Hyatt Paris Etoile

Before I go into my full review of our stay at the Hyatt Regency Paris, I want to share a few details about booking an Eiffel Tower view room. First of all, I am a Hyatt Globalist. This means that I receive free breakfast, club access, room upgrades, early check-in, late check-out, and a few other perks on all of my stays. However, knowing it was a busy time in Paris, I did book a basic Eiffel Tower view room. The hotel has three categories of Eiffel Tower view rooms: Eiffel Tower view, Deluxe Eiffel Tower view, and Deluxe Eiffel Tower view on a high floor. We were upgraded to the latter.

The hotel was extraordinarily kind when Tom went to see the rooms before we booked. They showed him the views from each of the room, so that we knew a little more about what to expect. This is obviously a luxury because we were already in Paris and he had time to go see the rooms in advance. However, they did not have to do that and it is a testament to their guest service that they were willing to help make our stay as memorable as possible. (Shout out to Camille & Iryna!!)

It is important to note that none of the rooms at the Hyatt Etoile offer a balcony. You will likely have to book a boutique hotel for that, and it will likely come at a much higher price point. If you are just looking for a room with an iconic Eiffel Tower view, this is an excellent option. It is a spectacular use of Hyatt points or certificates.

I say all of this to say that it is important to book the (at least) base room that you want. Although this is a large hotel, it does host a lot of tour groups and conferences. I wouldn’t count on an automatic upgrade, especially if you do not have Hyatt status.

While the Hyatt Paris Etoile is not currently a Hyatt Prive member, I am happy to help you book it (or any other luxury hotels in Paris) and hopefully help you get the experience you are looking for if you need assistance!

Journey of Doing - Eiffel Tower view from Hyatt Paris Etoile
The more I travel, the more I realized that it is important it is to book the experience I want rather than just hope it happens.

Getting to the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile

If I’ve being totally honest, my greatest hesitation in booking the Hyatt Regency in Paris was the location. When I looked at the map, it seemed far. The first hotel we stayed at in Paris was the Renaissance Arc de Triomphe, and we didn’t love that area as much as other neighborhoods in Paris. However, the Hyatt Regency is a 5 minute walk from Metro line 1. It’s a 10-15 minute ride to Tuileries. It’s a straight shot and it’s super easy to get to the main sights of Paris. My class at the Ritz Paris ended at 3:00. I went back to Hotel Dress Code to pick up my overnight bag, and we were in our room at the Hyatt by 4:15.

If you are coming to the Hyatt Etoile from CDG, you could take the RER B to Châtelet Les Halles and change trains to Metro 1 to get to the hotel. It would take about an hour. We’ve done this on previous stays at Hotel du Louvre, and it’s pretty seamless.

Journey of Doing - Paris hotel with Eiffel Tower view
Spoiler alert: I’d stay here again for this view of the Eiffel Tower.

Room 2613 – Deluxe Eiffel Tower View Room

Obviously, the first thing I noticed when I walked into our room were the Eiffel Tower views. The large windows provide a beautiful view of the cityscape of Paris. It’s even more beautiful at night.

While this hotel is not right next to the tower, the view DOES NOT disappoint. I’ve never stayed in a Paris hotel where I didn’t want to leave the room – until we stayed here. I LOVED watching the changing light throughout the evening.

Hotel rooms in Paris, even at chain hotels, are generally pretty small. I think the French are some of the best at designing very efficient rooms, and the Hyatt Etoile is no exception. Our room was about 236 square feet, which was about 70 square feet larger than our room at the Hotel Dress Code. Though I LOVE Hotel Dress Code, it was nice to have a larger room for a night! (It’s all about perspective!)

Our deluxe room offered a king bed that was very comfortable. I loved the linens. There were several different pillow options, and Tom and I were both happy. I felt like the furniture and finishings gave the hotel a more modern-retro feel, which is a sharp contrast for such a large hotel. I loved that the furniture really fit the room. It was conducive to working. We had space for our Bastille Day picnic in the room. And, it was a great space for relaxing after a week of pastry school.

The bathroom is also really well designed. I love a good pocket door in the name of efficiency. The lighted vanity had plenty of space for toiletries. I loved the walk-in shower and it had great water pressure. The hot water was never an issue. Bath amenities were Pascal Morabito, a new-to-me brand. It may not be as luxurious as the Park Hyatt Paris, but it is a well-designed and very functional space. I loved that the room offered robes, and that there were plenty of hangers in the closet. (This is an on-going debate between me and Tom.)

Our room offered a small couch along the window. We turned it around to enjoy the Bastille Day fireworks from our room. When we come back, I might consider booking an Eiffel Tower suite, but this room had more than enough room for the two of us. Tom is already planning for Bastille Day 2024.

NON-SPONSORED: Click here for a full review of our stay at the Hyatt Paris Etoile, including photos of our Eiffel Tower view room & more!
The Hyatt Paris does an amazing job of using mirrors to make spaces feel larger.
NON-SPONSORED: Click here for a full review of our stay at the Hyatt Paris Etoile, including photos of our Eiffel Tower view room & more!
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Etoile deluxe room review
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Paris deluxe room
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Regency Paris deluxe room tour
NON-SPONSORED: Click here for a full review of our stay at the Hyatt Paris Etoile, including photos of our Eiffel Tower view room & more!
NON-SPONSORED: Click here for a full review of our stay at the Hyatt Paris Etoile, including photos of our deluxe Eiffel Tower view room & more!
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Paris Etoile deluxe bathroom
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Paris Etoile bath amenities
NON-SPONSORED: Click here for a full review of our stay at the Hyatt Paris Etoile, including photos of our Eiffel Tower view room & more!
The view from our Eiffel Tower view room at the Hyatt Etoile Paris, taken with my iPhone.
NON-SPONSORED: Click here for a full review of our stay at the Hyatt Paris Etoile, including photos of our Eiffel Tower view room & more!
Bastille Day fireworks, as seen from our deluxe Eiffel Tower view room at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile.

Hyatt Regency Etoile Benefits

Arrival Gift

I think the Hyatt hotels in Paris do an exceptional job with their arrival gifts for Globalists. I feel like they do consider the preferences of their guests, and I love the focus on local products. When we checked into our room, they had already delivered a bottle of Saint-Emilion wine and dark chocolate. There was also a handwritten note from the guest service manager, and they included their card with contact information if we needed anything.

This was a sweet surprise. I love Saint Emilion wines. We had brought some cider from Normandy to celebrate, but the wine was delightful, too.

Journey of Doing - Hyatt Regency Etoile arrival gift
I’m not sure there’s a better view to enjoy with a Hyatt arrival gift.

The Regency Club & Breakfast at the Hyatt Paris

The Hyatt lounge is on the 34th floor and is adjacent to Windo Sky Bar. At breakfast, they open the partition between the lounge and Windo, which provides more seating and more tables with a view. As a globalist, I received free access to the club lounge, as well as free breakfast.

We visited the Regency Club for aperitif on Bastille Day. There was a great selection of French products, including meats, cheeses, and wines. They offer wine by the glass, and we enjoyed trying a variety of wines. I had a lovely Cotes de Bordeaux, and I enjoyed a Sauvignon blanc from Val de Loire. I probably would not have tried either of those wines before we visited Bordeaux, so that is a nice benefit of the lounge. Due to the Bastille Day dinner at Windo, the club was VERY busy when we were there. Thus, I didn’t feel comfortable taking a lot of photos. It is a very nice lounge with more significant culinary offerings than the US counterparts. Between this and the lounge at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in London, I can now understand why people earn status for the club access certificates.

Perhaps more impressive than aperitif is breakfast at the Hyatt Etoile. Since we had stayed up so late for the fireworks, we made it to breakfast in time for brunch. There were so many different options; it really offers something for everyone. There were hot food options, including eggs, meats, and vegetables. The cold options included charcuterie, cheese, fruits, yogurt, and granola. And, there were sweet and savory pastries. We don’t generally eat breakfast, but if you do, this one won’t disappoint.

The best part of the Regency Club? The spectacular Eiffel Tower view. They do a great job of maximizing the number of tables with a view.

Journey of Doing - Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile club lounge

Windo Sky Bar

One of the things that Camille mentioned to Tom when we were booking the room is that the view is better from the higher floor rooms. She was definitely right. However, if you aren’t able to book a room on one of the higher floors, the Windo Sky Bar and the Regency Club offer the same, if not better, views.

On Bastille Day, the Windo Sky Bar offers a prix fixe dinner with a view of the fireworks. (This is actually what piqued our interest in the Hyatt Etoile in 2021.) You can reserve a table on the windows with a view of the fireworks or an interior table. We didn’t opt for dinner, but we did grab a drink at Windo before it closed for the evening. Service was very friendly. I opted for a specialty cocktail that tasted like summer in a glass. Tom took a recommendation from the bartender on a French beer. It was a lovely way to start our evening.

Even if you have club access, I found the experience at Windo to be a bit more cozy and romantic, and I would expect that to be even more true later in the evening. It definitely gives luxury hotel bar vibes, and the view is just unparalleled.

Journey of Doing - Windo Sky Bar Paris review
Windo Sky Bar in Paris offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower and doubles as part of the Regency Club during breakfast.

Celebrating Bastille Day in Paris

As mentioned above, this was our second time celebrating Bastille Day in Paris. The first time, we had no idea what to expect. We were staying at the Park Hyatt Paris, and we asked the concierge for recommendations a day or two before Bastille Day. He recommended restaurants with a beautiful Eiffel Tower view of the fireworks, but we were too late to reserve a table. We ended up having an early dinner at one of our favorite Paris restaurants and making our way down to the Seine for the 11:00pm fireworks. It was a magical experience and one that I’ve held onto as a core travel memory.

This year, I asked one of my pastry instructors when I arrived in Paris and she shared that many Parisians would be leaving town and making a long weekend out of it because Bastille Day fell on a Friday this year. We looked at several restaurants and rooftop bars. Ultimately, I knew I would be too tired to do much. Booking a hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view sounded perfect. It allowed me to relax and rest, but it also provided an epic view of the fireworks. It’s also way easier to photograph fireworks from here! It was nearly impossible from the banks of the Seine!

To learn more about Bastille day, I do recommend taking the special French Revolution tour with Paris Walks. We did this on our first Bastille Day, and it provided important context for why the 14th of July is so important in French history.

Journey of Doing - Bastille Day in in Paris
Our Bastille Day fireworks view in 2021 included a lot more phones and heads. It was so cool though!
Journey of Doing - Eiffel Tower view room Hyatt Etoile

Final Thoughts about the Hyatt Etoile

I think I have stayed at all the Hyatt-branded Paris hotels in the city. (I’m still working on the co-branded SLH hotels!) The Hyatt Etoile was a most pleasant surprise. I think that what makes this hotel great is that the staff makes it feel more like a boutique hotel than a large chain hotel. From the moment we considered booking it until the moment we checked out, every single staff member wanted to ensure we had a great stay. We were met by the guest services manager a check in, the Regency Club staff constantly checked in with us, and the housekeeping staff was very personable as well. Even though we only spent one night at the hotel, it’s clear that they take customer service very seriously. It doesn’t feel like yet another big hotel.

The Eiffel Tower view room at the Hyatt Paris is an incredible value if you’re looking for that experience. We were looking for an easy way to celebrate Bastille in Paris, and this fulfilled that moment for us. It could be that for you on New Year’s Eve, too. The prices do fluctuate based on what is happening in Paris, but we felt like the price was more than fair for an Eiffel Tower view on Bastille Day. It was less than we would have paid for a prix fixe dinner at a restaurant with a view or a Seine river dinner cruise. As with anything travel related, it’s what you’re into. We loved celebrate Bastille Day on the river in 2021, and we equally loved our hotel room with a view in 2023.

This is a comfortable, modern hotel. It’s convenient to get to all the major attractions in Paris. There’s no shortage of things to do within a short metro ride. The area around the hotel is not Place Vendome (but what is??), but it’s perfectly safe and easy to access. I noticed a number of highly rated and seemingly local restaurants around the hotel as well. You can stay at this hotel and have a perfectly lovely trip to Paris.

Maybe I’ll see you there on the 14th of July!

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