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  1. I loved the Christmas markets when i visited, but i had no idea there was an Easter market. That’s probably a little bit warmer at that time of year too. Looks like you had so much gOOd food while you were there. I definitely miss living in Europe for the Christmas markets

  2. I want to visit prague for christmas. It looks so great between the decorations and the fooD. And the hotel?? Sign me up For the four seasons!

  3. Hello! Thank you for this blog post! My husband and I are getting ready to go in a few short weeks. One question I have is about the currency. Do a lot of places take credit card? At the Christmas markets, do they want euro’s or US dollars or another currency? Thanks in advance!

    1. Prague Christmas markets will accept the Czech Koruna. If you have a US ATM card, you’ll get the best rate by withdrawing cash there. Credit cards are becoming more ubiquitous but will usually require a minimum purchase. I’ve never seen anyone accept USD in Prague.

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