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  1. I love love love christmas markets soooo much!!! That’s such a great guide – definitely saving this for next year! 🙂 #WanderfulWednesday

  2. What an amazing trip to have especially fitting in so many markets – it must have been gutting to lose the photos but this is so useful. It’s interesting how much guides and people you meet can make a difference to how much you enjoy a city – I haven’t been to Bratislava for a long time but really didn’t have the best experience there. Everything I read about Budapest makes me want to go back though. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  3. What a fantastic round up of Christmas markets in Europe. You are so lucky to have been to them all. Christmas markets always get me in the spirit of Christmas. Which was your favourite? #citytripping

  4. Oh my goodness your post is making me want to hop on a plane right now to head to a Christmas market! There’s so many in Europe but I’d love to visit the one in Prague because I love the city so much! I’ve also heard amazing things about the one in Salzburg too!

  5. I have also heard that the Christmas market in Vienna is spectacular. We are going to our city one this week here in Butzbach and then go to Nurenburg early next week.

  6. So many magical markets! We visited Prague last summer and now I would love to see it in winter. And next up on my bucket list is Vienna. That market looks especially charming. Not sure I’d do well with the cold, but we just may give it a try some year. Thanks for all this info! I’m sure you have memories to treasure!

  7. Ahhh this is such an exhaustive guide!! I’ve been loving the markets this year! We visited Prague in January last year so just missed the markets, there are so many places I have to go back to in different seasons!

  8. I’ve been to Munich at Christmas time 2 years ago and absolutely loved it! Your itinerary looks awesome – hope I get to visit Austria at Christmas one day as well!

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