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  1. I love that y’all did a blog swap today! As if I needed 15 more reasons to head back to Germany again! I feel like my time was too short and I definitely want to check out Rothenburg and Nuremberg too! Now if I could only plan it right to go to the Christmas markets too!

  2. Brilliant post! We’re planning a road trip through Europe next summer (2019!) and I think we’re going to have to spend a bit of time in Germany based on this post! #Theweeklypostcard

  3. What a great post about Southern Germany! You really made me want to pack my bags and head over tomorrow ;). Of course, I can’t, but I hope to go soon. I’ve been in parts of Bavaria ages ago. It was my first trip abroad from Romania, and I was only able to visit the parts that were East Germany at the time. This was still in the time Germany was divided. It was full of Russian soldiers, the part we visited, but I still remember the beauty of the Bavarian architecture and countryside. Not to mention the food. Thanks for this great article!

  4. They all look so adorable. Some of them I have read about on Lolo’s blog. I would love to be able to spend two weeks exploring. I love the tips for avoiding the crowds. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  5. my favourite city is Heidelberg, Munich is also lovely, but I prefer the smaller cities. Somehow I fell in love with Heidelberg´s castle #TheWeeklyPostcard

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